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Spa at home to help hair grow faster

Spa at home to help hair grow faster



Smooth thick hair is always dream of many women With a few simple methods, you will soon get long hair smooth and shiny as silk. Massage with hot oil For dry hair and fiber damage caused by the sun, the environment, nothing is better than being entertained by a massage with oil screen. Also helps hair shiny effect, stimulating oil also makes hair grow faster. Oil here you should use the type is extracted from natural coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba. However, if you just use normal oil properties due, we will take a lot of time will be absorbed into the body and the hair. If you do not have the patience to wait for enough oil infused hair in about 1-2 hours, you should use the oil is heated to remedy this. With the warm oil massage, hot towel composting will help open the hair cuticle and rapidly absorb the nutrients from the oil. The way is very simple, you get a sufficient amount of oil depending on the thickness of the hair, giving a child a bowl, then use a microwave or steamed method used to heat up the oil. Next, stirring constantly combing heating oil and massage into your hair. For straight hair, you can use regular oil stroked from base to tip. And with curly hair should be pulled from the bottom up to help with stretching waves. Then use a hot towel brewed up the first book and then wait about 15-20 minutes, you should wash it with shampoo and conditioner to use as normal. After a while you will see the miraculous effects of the hot oil therapy, which is a comfortable long hair , strong. Use hot oil for comfortable long hair more shiny Using essences from grapefruit County grapefruit and grapefruit peel contains essential oils help stimulate hair strong and "corner man" becomes long silky, thick. You can apply this way at home by simple extraction method. Grapefruit seeds you soak in a bowl of water with approximately invasion. After a certain time, the mixture will form a thin layer of glue. Grapefruit peel cooked water to rinse. After shampooing discharge is complete, the glue used to massage on your hair, should be noted carefully rubbed into the hair roots. Grapefruit extract is much better for the hair Providing adequate nutrition for hair You should supplement the nutrients good for hair as Biton and Folic acid as directed by your doctor. These substances help to stiff hair, healthy shine. Without them, my hair will be brittle, falling. Also as vitamins A, C and E help fight free radicals, prevent the risk of aging, helps hair shortening i, silky, floating like silk and incredibly healthy. Add vegetables such as celery, cabbage, carrots complement proteins in the egg white diet also helps hair grow faster.