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Surround yourself with nature, listening to gurgling water somewhere, a mesmerizing melodic tracks, and you melted their is no more after the date of chain fatigue, stress ... One of the principal use is the body massage. It is the mental state of recovery and health. However, not just as simple as that, there are many types of massage, and a variety of different price levels. Here is the method of choice for massage to help you apply yourself. The definition of massage In the original Greek, means massage from massage, with the idea that the human body is an energy flow called "gas". A good flow of air helps the body to maintain health and vitality but when this airflow is stalled at body weakness and disease arise. Massage is a carrier gas, the flow of gas to the best circulation in the human body, unleash the potential of this energy source in the body. Because of its mystical effects that massage was developed and increasingly diverse in terms of style. 1. Relax Bed - a high-tech massage Relax bed massaege method is applied very popular in Hong Kong and many European countries. You will go into a small room just about 8m2, dark painted as black and brown. The ceiling is plaited with numerous strips of soft tissue, sneezing lights vague. You are instructed on one small bed, bed types can undergo treatment for white or very light fabric. Shortly thereafter, the sophisticated electronics (placed under the pillow modest) will read your fatigue level and location as you feel pain, shoulders, back, knuckles, legs, and even when you are too pessimistic or disappointed ... Then, these parameters are aggregated, filtered and design a program appropriate massage and music. Do you like standing in front of a sunlit beach, a classical concert, soothing melodies or poetic only the sea waves ... you completely forgot where I was. In Vietnam, the salon does not build Relax Bed room, however there are many entrepreneurs have this service in Hong Kong and Thailand. 2. Australia Massage style Customers are treated as patients, staff massage is also a practicing physician. Guests have treated over 1 interview about life, work, illness, environment, diet ... then treat employees and customers began therapy. Customers always have to get to talk to staff when performing treatment. The quiet and relaxing is not the criteria of this kind. Staff will begin to massage the body check by a gentle massage, then focus on the key pain, this is clearly reflected in the swelling, or unusual hardware. For example, if your shoulder pain, shoulder strain, which means that the harder your shoulders these areas. When they eat the blood, they will ask you to have pain and count 1, 2, 3 ... When you feel pain, that is, they determine the extent of your pain and will have the appropriate treatment. A treatment session continuous 8-10. And the best part is that you use the voucher and card weekly. 3. Recovery of health fingers god Shiatshu is the name of this type, which means "finger force" originating from Japan. This method also requires therapists use both hands, knees, arms, elbows and feet to affect the power circuit, the publications on this circuit in the first period as specified stop the flow, causing stasis of blood due to drop out after the first will create strong blood flow washed away any blockages in the vessels, making blood circulation. The salon is usually decorative light, color combinations and light, sounds, and scents of trees ... Shiatshu is considered massage stirs the senses, taste, smell, hearing, touch ... and is common in the traditional Spa. 4. Recovery by stroking movements Swedish style Described primarily as massage movements and click on the muscles of the body smoothly and slowly, gently treated with special oils. Can encapsulate 4 words to describe methods of recuperation massage Swedish style "long claws, short squeeze", ie the use of long strokes combined with gentle massage and little zoning. The movement aims to relieve muscle tension, muscle spasms pain relief, skin beauty through better blood circulation. The movement has its claws deep but light, not heavy-handed as Thai or Chinese massage. Dull, many toxins are suitable for this treatment. However, this very gentle type of massage that most Asians prefer the stronger impact. 5. Restoration Aromatherapy In the language of India, Ayurveda means "science of life". The self-written material about Ayureda (from 4000 years ago) is left for the impact that this method base balance of physical, sensory, mental, and your spirit in many other string manipulation together. Therapy using herbal powder mixed with water, the natural oils, most commonly rose oil, water decoction of herbs mixed with boiling water ... All based on 3 principles handed down: the combination of heaven and earth, fire and water, earth and water. In Vietnam there are many ads perform massage salon aroma, however, only the resort and rehabilitation last resort as likely to meet the strict standards, there must be space, wind , land and water. 6. Physiotherapy Vietnam (improves blood circulation max) Methods of Vietnam's traditional massage therapies with punching movements, clapping, squeeze, pinch, small and cupping. This method helps the relaxation of muscles stiffen and softer, while the effect on the blood stimulates blood circulation. The biggest advantage of this approach is to improve the blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells, stimulates blood vessel system helps carry waste products from the body, prevent and relieve the and spontaneous muscle spasms, arthritis support therapy, sciatica, muscle fatigue. Today, massage therapy center in Hanoi recovery appears more and growing fast, but not all centers are reliable in terms of human and technical expertise . 7. Thai Massage (deep impact on vessels, muscles and joints) Based on the impact on the energy of about 10 vessels run throughout the body and is done on a mattress yoga asana postures in a certain number of customers do not need to undress while performing the massage method. This method requires professionals to be aware of the current situation and wishes of the client, to use hands, feet, elbows, gently pressing on pressure points along the energy circuit, and use movements to stretch the muscles and joints. This method is useful for people who work or fatigue due to travel much. 8. recovery Massage with hot stones Stone Massage is a method of using different types of rock about the size, type and source for transmission of heat or cold in certain places in the body, creating the effect of heat treatment, including treatment whether warming hot stone and cold therapy with chilled stones. Currently, in Vietnam, hot stone massage is used very popular and is preferred over ice. The temperature of the ice while using only melt massage oil. Depending on the purpose, technicians will use stone massage massage movements claws pressed by hand before sliding, rubbing and pressing against the hot stones in a graving, and then incubated in the heat of the rest other positions. Unlike regular massage, stone massage effects on the human body in the form of waves caused by the vibrations generated by very small differences or changes in temperature, enhances the body's energy through activities deep and strong stimulation of acupuncture points on the body is important