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secrets effectively reduce wrinkles

secrets effectively reduce wrinkles

1. Massage has frequently Massage the skin every day is the best natural method helps reduce wrinkles ugly. To attain high performance, you should massage your skin with cream or almond oil. How to make is simple: Use two fingers rub the skin around wrinkles in a circle. Perform this daily measures not only help reduce wrinkles fade Beauty RET risk but also help better blood circulation. 2 Bo Sung vitamin E Du is added following the implementation of any kind of vitamin E are good for the skin. Components that contain vitamin E antioxidants, helps skin looking fresh and young. Additional vitamin E either as a can prevent skin wrinkles effectively. You can also help the body to vitamin E intake through consumption of foods such as soybean, bean sprouts, sesame, peanut, malted barley, sunflower seeds ... In addition, Vitamin E mask is also a very effective way to reduce wrinkles. You can mask by mixing are vitamin E and glycerin capsules, then A mixture on the face for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. If you do this method a week, you can achieve remarkably effective in reducing wrinkles ugly. 3. Adjust diet cups Diet also plays an important role in giving you youthful looking skin, bright and smooth. Perform a diet that includes daily diets with more fruits and vegetables help you in good health. Drink the juice of citrus fruits will eliminate wrinkles. In addition, fruits such as walnut and almond fruits are also useful for prevention of aging well. For vegetables, to achieve effective to reduce wrinkles, you should eat a variety of vegetables such as beets, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, melon, cashew nuts, garlic ... 4. Burned prevent collagen The main cause wrinkles to appear was due to lost collagen. When missing collagen, the skin becomes burned elasticity and wrinkles appear. Use moisturizer is one of the best ways to help you prevent dry skin and in turn supplemented collagen. Currently, a lot of additional help collagen creams sold in the market, you need to wise choices to get the best type of ice cream. 5. Apply sunscreen regularly The sun is also one of the causes of wrinkles on the skin so you should apply sunscreen when outside. Simple measures not only helps keeps follicles healthy skin to prevent wrinkles again ugly sun.