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Stone feng shui is likely to rock the family owner and business prosperity, good health, increase vitality

                                               Stone Feng Shui

is likely to rock the family owner and business prosperity, good health, increase vitality. Many Stone Feng Shui expert said that only semi-precious and precious stones are capable of feng shui, but rock salt with hundreds of millions of courtesy and good feng shui because it is likely to enhance the health and medical disease, as well as provide a great source of energy good for your whole family. Rock salt lamps are used in Feng Shui is a way to filter the air in the environment, and body. Feng shui rock salt will absorb negative energy and create positive energy. The term "Feng Shui" translated from Chinese literally means "wind water". Things we can not see the wind, while represented by things we can not capture the water symbol. Feng Shui can help bring harmony to our lives. Under current physical science and ancient Chinese philosophy, all things exist physical energy. We call this energy "Chi", also translated as "breath". Details required for an active life and healthy, as our breath in every moment. Through proper placement of rock salt lamps, will be able to create a balance and harmony of sheng spent in surroundings, even around the surroundings, you will be happier with the live healthy, full of positive energy and motivation to work. Feng Shui involves balancing the life force. (Chi) around Yin and Yang for men for women. The bedroom should be designed to be more "Yin" to support a sense of serenity and sleep better. Feng Shui Stones are pure white, blue, red, purple gold ... The popular stone jewelry such as earrings, pendant, ring, faceted stone, beaded bracelets, necklaces with colors symbolizing the five elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. The semi-precious and precious stones such as quartz, Rubi-Ruby, Topaz - Hoang Ngoc Thach, Peridot - Jade Olivine, Citrine, Emerald - Emeralds, sapphires - sapphires star, Opal, Aquamarine - Jade Sea Green Agate - Onyx, Garnet - Garnet, Moonstone - Moonstone, Pearl - Pearl, Jade - jade, marble, Diamond - Diamonds, diamonds, Turquoise - Luc spare quartz, Amazonite - Galaxy jelly, Amber - Tiger amber, fossilized tree resin, Labradorite - Khaya, Optical Resonance jelly, Tourmaline - Sac fossil gas, Jasper - Red jade stone, Lapis Lazuli, kyanite - malachite Tiger eye - they get fossil, Petrified wood fossil-Wood, chalcedony - Thach marrow, Tektite - Meteorites ... capable spirits rose family, business prosperity, good health. And especially because quartz is formed through billions of years, much to capture the essence of the universe, under high pressure and temperature of the Earth's crust. There are 5 types of quartz variety used is quartz white, purple, line capacity, black and lapis effective support human health as stable brain, heart pacemaker, reduce frustration in the people ... At tall buildings, offices, factories can be used as an ornamental stone quartz has medium energy. Also in the house, quartz emanating from the people receiving help.